Fatih M. Ozluturk, InterDigital’s Most Prolific Inventor, Joins Soryn IP Group as Head of Technology & Innovation

FOR RELEASE – 6/18/2014:  

Fatih M. Ozluturk, InterDigital’s Most Prolific Inventor,
Joins Soryn IP Group as Head of Technology & Innovation

Jersey City, New Jersey (June 18th, 2014) — The Soryn IP Group, LLC (“Soryn IP Group”) announced today the appointment of Fatih M. Ozluturk as a Principal and Head of Technology & Innovation.  Prior to joining the Soryn IP Group, Mr. Ozluturk served as a long-tenured innovator at InterDigital Communication Corp. (“InterDigital”), the world’s largest PIPCO, as lead inventor and VP of Innovation.

As the Head of Technology & Innovation Mr. Ozluturk oversees the company’s intake, diligence and technology collaborations.

“We could not be more pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Ozluturk to the Soryn team,” emphasized Michael Gulliford, the Founder and Managing Principal of the Soryn IP Group.  “Not only does Mr. Ozluturk bring to Soryn an elite level of technical expertise and accomplishment, he brings years of deal-making expertise on behalf of an industry giant.”  “Without question, Mr. Ozluturk will enhance every aspect of Soryn’s business and the services we offer our clients.  It is also only fitting that a company serving the most pedigreed innovators count such an innovator among its management.”

According to Bloomberg, InterDigital is the most profitable company in the U.S. on a per employee basis.  Bloomberg

The named inventor on more than 180 U.S. patents and 360 U.S. patent applications, Mr. Ozluturk has been recognized as InterDigital’s most prolific inventor, and played a significant role in the company’s research, development and invention efforts.  William J. Merritt, InterDigital’s president and chief executive officer previously commented regarding Mr. Ozluturk, “Fatih’s groundbreaking inventions span multiple generations of wireless technology and directly benefit the entire wireless ecosystem and billions of consumers globally.”

Mr. Ozluturk has testified as an expert witness in two groundbreaking cellular wireless cases at the International Trade Commission (ITC): InterDigital vs Samsung, and InterDigital vs Nokia.

Since leaving InterDigital, Mr. Ozluturk has devoted extensive time to the startup community.  He is an angel investor and venture partner at ER Accelerator, and regularly teaches workshops on patents and technology in the New York City startup community.  Mr. Ozluturk is also the founder of Patentory, an online platform to search, evaluate and file patent applications.

Mr. Ozluturk holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and an M.B.A. from the Wharton School.  He is also the author of the book entitled “Patents. Simplified. Entrepreneur’s Guide to U.S. Patents and Patent Applications”.

“Core to Soryn’s business is maximizing the value of our clients’ patent operations,“ emphasizes Gulliford.  “By bringing together management with decades of experience in law, business and technology, we are proud to offer a level of service that clients will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.”

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Founded by a former partner at one of the country’s most prestigious patent litigation groups, the Soryn IP Group is a new breed of patent asset management and advisory company.   The Soryn IP Group provides a host of services to select innovators from every technology sector, including patent advisory and brokerage services, patent licensing support, IP/monetization consulting and strategic prosecution oversight.  The company’s headquarters are located in Jersey City, New Jersey.


Michael Gulliford
Founder & Managing Principal:  Soryn IP Group, LLC