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Soryn IP Group is a patent advisory and litigation finance firm led by a former partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in the world and one of the most accomplished innovators in the technology & patent spaces. We provide a host of patent-centric services – including litigation finance, strategic IP consulting, and patent brokerage – to innovators ranging from universities to billion dollar corporations. We are experts in science, law and finance, and we maximize value for innovators at every stage of the intellectual property lifecycle.

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What We Do

Litigation Finance

Litigation Finance

Soryn IP Group can help innovators through a variety of financing options, including litigation finance, royalty monetization, equity investments, and more.

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Patent Advisory

Patent Advisory

Our focus is on creating large, dynamic patent portfolios around disruptive technologies—portfolios that are strategically crafted to not only protect our clients’ technologies but to also protect entire market spaces.


Patent Transactions

Patent Transactions

With decades of elite experience with respect to the legal, business and technology aspects of patents, Soryn IP Group is uniquely positioned to drive a range of monetization efforts on behalf of our clients. The proof: we have been engaged from innovators ranging from pedigreed inventors to billion dollar companies.




Michael J. Gulliford

Founder / Managing Principal

Recognized as one of the Top IP Strategists in the World, Michael is the Founder & Managing Principal of Soryn IP Group. Although formerly a partner in the patent litigation group at Kirkland & Ellis LLP — one of the most respected and feared such groups in the United States — Michael left his lucrative law practice to found a company 100% committed to innovators reliant on strong patent protection.  


Fatih M. Ozluturk

Managing Principal

Recognized as one of the Top IP Strategists in the World, Fatih is a Managing Principal of Soryn IP Group. Fatih has decades of experience in technology, finance, intellectual property and entrepreneurship. As an inventor of over 400 patents and patent applications, most of which have been licensed worldwide, he has a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the IP world.  


John White


Recognized as one of the top patent educators in the United States, John has over 30 years experience in all phases of the patent field. As a Director at Soryn, John is principally responsible for outreach to the technology community and advising Soryn clients on a host of strategic issues.  

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


From the Blog

Soryn IP Group Announces Closing Of Two More Patent Deals Despite Challenging Market

Patent Licensing Deal On Behalf Of Prolific Inventor And Patent Portfolio Sale On Behalf Of Publicly Traded Company

New York, New York (July 27, 2016) — Soryn IP Group, LLC (“Soryn IP Group”), a patent advisory and finance firm, announced today the closing of two more patent transactions in what many consider a challenging patent market. The first is a patent licensing deal that Soryn concluded without litigation for an inventor possessing over one hundred patents, including several data storage system patents that are the subject of the licensing agreement. The second is a closed patent sale related to video compression technologies owned by a publicly traded wireless communications company. Financial terms and the identities of the parties have not been disclosed due to confidentiality restrictions. These deals follow Soryn’s recently announced $10.2 M co-financing of an innovator in the cybersecurity space.

“We are so gratified to announce more closed transactions on behalf our clients, emphasized Michael Gulliford, the Founder and Managing Principal of Soryn IP Group. “In the first instance we were retained by a highly prolific inventor to sell a patent portfolio related to data storage technologies. But rather than sell outright, we were able to secure for our client a lucrative license to the portfolio without any litigation, or the threat of litigation — a rarity in today’s patent market.” “Although the bulk of our work to date has been on behalf of large companies, bringing our client the recognition he deserves has been extremely rewarding.”

“In the second transaction, Soryn was retained by a publicly traded wireless communications company to sell a patent portfolio related to video compression technologies, and after several months closed the sale of that portfolio as well,” explained Gulliford. “Working with a publicly traded company certainly requires different considerations than working with an individual inventor, but in the end we are proud to have delivered for both. We remain humbled by the diversity of clients trusting Soryn to advise and execute patent monetization strategies on their behalf.”

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Soryn IP Group is a patent advisory and finance firm that provides patent advisory, brokerage and financing solutions to clients ranging from start-ups to universities to publicly traded corporations. The company’s headquarters is located in New York City.

Michael Gulliford
Founder & Managing Principal: Soryn IP Group, LLC.
(646) 378-2059

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Soryn IP Group Principals Named Among The World’s Leading Intellectual Property Strategists By Intellectual Asset Management

NEW YORK, June 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Soryn IP Group, LLC (“Soryn IP Group”) announced today that Intellectual Asset Management — the premier international publication covering the business of intellectual property — named Michael Gulliford and Fatih Ozluturk to the 2016 list of The World’s Leading IP Strategists. This is the second year in a row that Soryn’s Principals received such an honor.

Soryn IP Group creates, manages, monetizes and finances the intellectual property of clients ranging from start-ups to universities to billion dollar corporations. Gulliford, a former partner at one of the most prestigious international law firms, founded Soryn to implement models and strategies that are not focused on litigation and that complement today’s innovation environment. Ozluturk, who is formerly InterDigital’s most prolific inventor, and whose patents have been the cornerstone of a multi-billion dollar licensing program, joined shortly thereafter. In addition to its robust advisory and transaction practice, Soryn IP Group recently announced the close of more than $10 million in equity financing via its Soryn Capital affiliate.

“We could not be more pleased to again be recognized as top IP strategists in the world by such a respected publication,” highlighted Michael Gulliford, the Founder of Soryn IP Group. “Even more flattering has been to receive such recognition for the second straight year despite only being in business for three. IAM’s recognition reflects Soryn’s continued momentum in every aspect of the patent marketplace, from advisory to deals to financings.  We’re looking forward to a busy year ahead on many fronts.”

For more information about Soryn IP Group, or its financing affiliate Soryn Capital, please visit

Soryn IP Group is a patent advisory and finance firm that creates manages, monetizes and finances the IP of clients ranging from start-ups to universities to billion dollar corporations. The company’s headquarters is located in New York, New York.

Michael Gulliford
Founder & Managing Principal:  Soryn IP Group, LLC
(646) 378-2059


A Bit Of Good News For Patent Holders – Finally.

The Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision in the Halo v. Pulse case today rejecting the rigid rules that the Federal Circuit have been using in deciding enhanced damages in patent cases. This will have very important implications on the willingness or un-willingness of companies accused of patent infringement to seek negotiated settlements. As we try to lessen the impact of patent trolls in the economy through changes in the patent law and USPTO procedures we have weakened some aspects of the US patent law and made it easier to invalidate issued patents –patents that perhaps should not have been issued in the first place. Without arguing about the pros and cons of the patent reform, what we see empirically is that the accused infringers do not take licenses to patent unless there is litigation or at the least a very credible prospect of litigation. There is simply no incentive to take a license otherwise.

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Soryn client Unequal’s technology is the first ever to be shown effective in preventing sudden cardiac death in athletes

Our client Unequal ( is one of the most important innovators in the protective sports gear space. Unequal’s technology was named one of the top ten sports innovations of all time. A great number of the professional sports teams clad their players in Unequal protective gear. The innovative material created by Unequal has unique acceleration reduction and impact dissipation capabilities.

In a recent peer reviewed study, Unequal’s technology has shown to be the first such technology effective in preventing Sudden Cardiac Death (Commotio Cordis) in athletes. Congratulations to Unequal for yet another validation of their technology.

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Michael Gulliford’s three-part article on innovation and sound portfolio management strategy appeared in IPWatchdog

Michael Gulliford has recently published a series of articles covering how to build a successful patent operation as an innovative company. In his three-part treatment of the topic, he outlined the best practices in terms of principles, methodology, processes, and the team. You can read the articles here:

Building Patent Success In The New Innovation Ecosystem
Sound Patent Portfolio Management is the Key to Innovation Success
A Successful Patent Operation Requires the Right Team and the Right Deal

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