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Litigation Finance

Litigation Finance

Soryn IP Group can help innovators through a variety of financing options, including litigation finance, royalty monetization, equity investments, and more.

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Patent Advisory

Patent Advisory

Our focus is on creating large, dynamic patent portfolios around disruptive technologies—portfolios that are strategically crafted to not only protect our clients’ technologies but to also protect entire market spaces.


Patent Transactions

Patent Transactions

With decades of elite experience with respect to the legal, business and technology aspects of patents, Soryn IP Group is uniquely positioned to drive a range of monetization efforts on behalf of our clients. The proof: we have been engaged from innovators ranging from pedigreed inventors to billion dollar companies.



Michael J. Gulliford

Founder / Managing Principal

Repeatedly recognized as one of the Leading IP Strategists in the World, Michael is the Founder & Managing Principal of Soryn IP Group. Although formerly a partner in the patent litigation group at Kirkland & Ellis LLP — one of the most respected and feared such groups in the United States — Michael left his lucrative law practice to found a company 100% committed to innovators reliant on strong patent protection.  

Fatih M. Ozluturk

Managing Principal

Repeatedly recognized as one of the Leading IP Strategists in the World, Fatih is a Managing Principal of Soryn IP Group. Fatih has decades of experience in technology, finance, intellectual property and entrepreneurship. As an inventor of over 400 patents and patent applications, most of which have been licensed worldwide, he has a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the IP world.  

John White


Recognized as one of the top patent educators in the United States, John has over 30 years experience in all phases of the patent field. As a Director at Soryn, John is principally responsible for outreach to the technology community and advising Soryn clients on a host of strategic issues.  

"The US patent system adds the fuel of interest to the fire of genius in the discovery and production of new and useful things"


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IPWatchdog Publishes Article On Patent Based Financing Co-Authored By Soryn Principals and B. Riley Investment Bank

Recently we have co-authored an article with the B. Riley investment Bank on patent-based financing and what such financing can do for innovative companies looking to either create licensing revenues from their patent portfolios or to share the risk inherent in patent monetization efforts.

Read the article here:

Patent-Based Financings: Unlocking Licensing Revenues While Mitigating IP Monetization Risks

Soryn IP Group Announces Successful Fintech Patent Portfolio License Agreement For Financial Industry Giant

NEW YORK, Oct. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Soryn IP Group, LLC (“Soryn IP Group”), a patent advisory and litigation finance firm, announced today the close of a financial technology (“fintech”) patent portfolio licensing deal for a client that is one of the largest institutions in the financial industry. The fintech portfolio was licensed to an operating company in the fintech space under an exclusive licensing arrangement. Financial terms and the identities of the parties have not been disclosed due to confidentiality restrictions. This deal adds to the multitude of closed patent related financings, portfolio sales, and licensing agreements that Soryn has announced within the past 12 months.

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IP Litigation Finance Has A New Star


A little more than a year ago, we founded Soryn Capital to finance the tremendous litigation expense that many innovative companies and universities must now incur to successfully resolve patent licensing deals. Whereas such deals used to be the province of the boardroom, recent patent reforms have driven things to the courtroom. In fact, patent litigation has become an unavoidable (albeit extremely expensive) part of the overall patent licensing negotiation process.

Core at Soryn Capital is the belief that innovators reliant on patents to protect market share or to generate licensing revenue need a well-capitalized financial partner possessing a particular expertise in patents, patent litigation and licensing. In a very short time, we are proud to have become that partner to a number of the world’s most respected technology companies, law firms and universities. Soryn Capital is now one of the best capitalized patent litigation financiers in the United States.

If there is a way our investments could alleviate litigation expense or help make patent licensing possible, feel free to reach out or visit us at

Our best,

Soryn Capital Team

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What To Know Before Seeking Litigation Funding

Though no two deals look the same, Soryn Capital provides a variety of financing arrangements to support innovators in pursuing the litigation that is required to reach successful patent licensing deals. We work with companies, law firms, universities and inventors, and strive to put structures in place that we believe are most likely to achieve business objectives and lead to successful outcomes.

Because we must be highly selective in choosing our investments, we’ve put together the below primer for anyone considering Soryn Capital as a potential financing source. In it, we outline the types of cases we favor and the things that a patent holder should know in order to make the financing process easier and faster.

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Soryn HLDR Invests $15.3M In Finjan, A Leader In Cybersecurity

We are happy to announce that Soryn HLDR made a $15.3M investment in Finjn in the form of preferred shares. Soryn HLDR was set up by Halcyon Long Duration Recoveries Management LP and its affiliates (“Halcyon”) in partnership with Soryn Capital, LLC (“Soryn”), an affiliate of Soryn IP Group, LLC. See the press release by Finjan here:

Soryn IP Group Principals Again Named Leading IP Strategists In The World By Intellectual Asset Management

New York, New York (June 17th, 2017) — Soryn IP Group, LLC (“Soryn IP Group”) announced today that Intellectual Asset Management (“IAM”) — the premier international publication covering the business of intellectual property — named Michael Gulliford and Fatih Ozluturk to the 2017 list of Leading IP Strategists in the World. This is the third year in a row that Soryn’s Principals received such an honor.

The IAM research team spoke to a wide range of senior corporate IP managers in North America, Europe and Asia, as well as third-party IP service providers, in order to identify these IP leaders: men and women whose business is the creation, development and deployment of strategies that enable IP owners to gain maximum value from their portfolios. Only those individuals nominated multiple times by different parties as outstanding IP strategists are listed in the IAM Strategy 300.

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Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation Interviews Fatih Ozluturk, Inventor Of Over 400 Patents And Applications

Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation (IPOEF) has recently interviewed Fatih Ozluturk, who is an inventor of over 400 US patents and patent applications. Besides being a Managing Principal of Soryn IP Group, he is the inventor of key wireless technologies that have been licensed worldwide. He continues to invent and dedicates time and effort to educating entrepreneurs and inventors on patents and intellectual property matters. Read his interview with IPOEF here:

Patent-Based Financings: Unlocking Licensing Revenue Opportunities while Mitigating Risks Associated with IP Monetization

We have recently co-authored a white paper with the investment bank B. Riley & Co on patent based financing and how it creates options for patent holders. You can download the pdf version of the white paper here: Patent Based Financing

In Short
Patent monetization has become nearly impossible for middle-market technology companies without engaging in some level of legal action. Management teams have consequently shied away from pursuing licensing opportunities, even when the revenue potential of a company’s intellectual property is robust. While traditional debt and equity investors have an aversion to patent monetization stories, there are high-quality patent investors willing to underwrite capital raises aimed at supporting licensing revenue campaigns. By structuring these financings in a way that isolates monetization risk to the patent investor, companies can pursue licensing initiatives that have the potential to generate significant residual value for all stakeholders in the capital stack. In addition to capital, patent investors bring monetization expertise that can play a critical role in the success of a company’s licensing revenue initiatives.

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Soryn IP Group Announces Successful Patent Portfolio Sale On Behalf of Fortune 100 Client

Soryn IP Group Announces Successful Patent Portfolio
Sale On Behalf of Fortune 100 Client

New York, New York (March 1, 2017) — Soryn IP Group, LLC (“Soryn IP Group”), a patent advisory and finance firm, announced today the close of a patent portfolio sale related to smart phone technologies on behalf of a Fortune 100 client. The portfolio was sold to an operating company. Financial terms and the identities of the parties have not been disclosed due to confidentiality restrictions. This deal follows several patent related financings and portfolio sales that Soryn has announced within the past 12 months.

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