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Soryn IP Group is a new breed of patent management and advisory company, led by a former partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in the world and one of the most accomplished innovators in the technology & patent spaces. In direct response to the unsettling, anti-patent climate now affecting so many innovators, our team provides a host of patent-centric services – including venture and monetization funding, patent portfolio development, patent brokering, licensing support and strategic IP consulting – to clients ranging from promising start-ups to billion dollar corporations. We are experts in science, law and business, and we leverage that expertise to our clients’ benefit.

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Portfolio Development

Portfolio Development

Our focus is on creating large, dynamic patent portfolios around disruptive technologies—portfolios that are strategically crafted to not only protect our clients’ technologies but to also protect entire market spaces.


Patent Monetization

Patent Monetization

With decades of elite experience with respect to the legal, business and technology aspects of patents, Soryn IP Group is uniquely positioned to drive a range of monetization efforts on behalf of our clients. The proof: we have been engaged from innovators ranging from pedigreed inventors to billion dollar companies.


Litigation Funding

Litigation Funding

Through our relationships with an array of investors, financial institutions and litigation funding groups, the Soryn IP Group is able to fund or arrange for the funding of select patent litigations.


Patent Advisory

Patent Advisory

Operating at the center of the patent market, with a wealth of experience and close ties to industry leading operating companies, NPEs, financial institutions and law firms, Soryn IP Group holds unique insights that we yield to our clients' benefit.




Michael J. Gulliford

Founder / Managing Principal

Michael is the Founder & Managing Principal of Soryn IP Group. Although formerly a partner in the patent litigation group at Kirkland & Ellis LLP — one of the most respected and feared such groups in the United States — Michael left his lucrative practice to found a company 100% committed to innovators reliant on strong patent protection in what has become an anti-patent atmosphere.  


Fatih M. Ozluturk

Principal, Head of Technology & Innovation

Fatih is the Principal & Head of Technology and Innovation at Soryn IP Group. He brings to Soryn decades of experience in technology, finance, intellectual property and entrepreneurship. He is the inventor of nearly 200 patents. Fatih oversees the Soryn’s intake, diligence and technology collaborations.  

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


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Our new article on IP Watchdog about small tech companies and IP protection

In a recent article in the IP Watchdog blog we have highlighted the difference in attitudes towards IP protection between large versus small innovators. Read about our own experiences with startup companies in NYC and how they successfully used their patents as business assets.

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IAM magazine recognizes Soryn IP Group as an IP firm that continues to innovate in this space

In a recent article, IAM magazine’s Richard Lloyd has recognized Soryn IP Group as one of the few IP firms that continue to innovate in this space. He highlights our partnership with Liquid Venture Partners and writes about the way our Liquid Patent Consulting brings investment banking and IP advisory services together.

The Ramifications of Alice: A Conversation with Mark Lemley

According to Mark Lemley of Stanford, “a majority of the software patents being litigated right now, I think, are invalid.” While others may disagree with that statement, we can certainly expect a downward trend in software patent complaints going forward. How severe a downward trend will be an interesting question.

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