Soryn IP Group to Sell Patent Portfolio Related to Current and Next Generation Mobile Wireless Technologies

FOR RELEASE – November 15, 2013

Soryn IP Group to Sell Patent Portfolio Related to Current
and Next Generation Mobile Wireless Technologies

 Portfolio is from a pioneer in the wireless space and applies to technologies such as LTE, LTE Advanced, LTE Self-Organizing Networks, HSPA and HSPA+

Jersey City, New Jersey (November 2013) — the Soryn IP Group, LLC (“Soryn IP Group”) is pleased to announce the availability of a mobile wireless patent portfolio encompassing an array of 3G and 4G technologies, as well as patents that precede the relevant 3GPP standards.  The relevant markets to which the technologies in this portfolio apply include LTE Self-Organizing Networks, LTE, LTE Advanced, WCMDA/HSPA, WCDMA/HSPA+ and 3D handsets.

The patents in this portfolio were invented or co-invented by a long-standing pioneer in the mobile wireless industry, whose notable accomplishments include being the former CEO of InterDigital Comm. Corp., the former President of the IEEE Communications Society, the author of several foundation textbooks in the wireless space, and whose patents have received over 4000 forward citations.

The patent portfolio consists of ten families and seventeen patents in total.   Nine of the families, and sixteen of the patents, generally relate to technologies for increasing the speed, quality and capacity of mobile wireless communications and networks.  These families offer broad coverage of a diverse array of mobile wireless technologies, including self-organizing networks, UE mobility, UE power control, channel sounding, reduced time packet transmission, matched-filters, and capacity management in a packet/circuit-switched environment.

Of particular import, several of the patents in this portfolio relate to wireless technologies that were later standardized by the 3GPP.  These technologies have applications in UE mobility/load balancing in LTE Self-Organizing Networks, power allocation/control in LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation, power allocation/control in multi-carrier WCMDA/HSPA+, UE mobility in WCDMA/HSPA and WCDMA/HSPA+ networks, and WCDMA/HSUPA scheduling grants.

The tenth family relates to 3D mobile handsets, more particularly to a dual-screen, fold out 3D mobile device.  Not only an asset to any telecommunications company seeking to offer stand-out handset designs, the technology in this patent fits squarely into the current trend of handsets with screens that can be enlarged via a dual-screen, folding design.

“This portfolio offers an array of current and next generation wireless technologies, from a true innovator in the space,” said Michael Gulliford, the CEO & Managing Member of the Soryn IP Group.  “Because the portfolio offers the unique opportunity to acquire patents related to mobile wireless technologies that are just now being implemented, it would be an important acquisition for any company seeking to grow, expand or diversify its wireless patent holdings.”

The Soryn IP Group is the exclusive company offering this innovative wireless portfolio for sale, and will be providing qualified parties with access to detailed marketing materials regarding the portfolio, as well as access to an electronic data room.  Claim charts, licensee information and proof of market adoption will be provided upon the signing of a seller-approved non-disclosure agreement.

The Soryn IP Group is currently approaching potential buyers, and has experts on hand to answer inquiries from interested parties.  The Soryn IP Group will keep interested parties apprised of the bidding status.

To receive more information, or to schedule a conference call regarding this portfolio, please contact Michael Gulliford, the Founder & Managing Principal of the Soryn IP Group, LLC,

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Michael Gulliford
CEO & Managing Member:  Soryn IP Group, LLC.