Soryn IP Group Closes $140 Million In Patent Deals In 2017

Soryn IP Group Closes $140 Million In Patent Deals In 2017

New York, New York (January 16, 2018) — Soryn IP Group, LLC (“Soryn IP Group”), a patent advisory and litigation finance firm, announced today that 2017 was a record setting year. The firm, through its various affiliates, saw the close of approximately $140 million in patent-centric deals during only its fourth full year of operation. These results continue to highlight Soryn IP Group as one of the most active deal-makers in the world of intellectual property.

“We are extremely proud to have delivered for our clients in 2017,” highlighted Michael Gulliford, the Founder and a Managing Principal of Soryn IP Group. “Last year, through our litigation finance and advisory affiliates, Soryn financed or brokered patent-centric deals totaling almost $140 million in value for some of the most notable names in technology and intellectual property. As part of these efforts, Soryn was also instrumental in putting together one of the most talked about patent deals of the year.” “We expect the momentum to continue in 2018 because the challenges facing innovators reliant on patents remain substantial.”

“We founded Soryn IP Group with the mission of assisting the many innovators that the patent system has turned against,” notes Gulliford. “Our clients and partners, which range from small companies to universities to the Fortune 50, have one thing in common: they are heavily reliant on patents to raise investment, prevent copying and generate revenue, but due to recent changes to the patent laws, these goals have never been harder to achieve. “A lot of work thus remains to be done for Soryn’s advisory and litigation finance affiliates.”

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Soryn IP Group is a patent advisory and litigation finance firm which, through its affiliates, provides patent advisory, patent brokerage and financing solutions to clients ranging from start-ups to universities to billion dollar corporations. The company’s headquarters is located in New York City.

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