Q: Who are Soryn IP Group’s typical clients?
A: Recognizing that innovation comes in many shapes and sizes, so too do our clients. From start-ups to billion dollar corporations, our clients have one thing in common:  they recognize the need for a strategic partner to support the development, growth and monetization of their technologies and intellectual property portfolios. We are proud to be that partner.

Q: Is Soryn IP Group a law firm?
A: Soryn IP Group is not a law firm. We are a patent management and advisory company uniquely focused on building and maximizing the patent-centric qualities of our clients.

Q: What does Soryn IP Group do?
A: At base, Soryn IP Group is devoted to developing, leveraging and maximizing the patent-based value of our clients. Although a number of entities exist to assist innovators with their patent needs, each typically favors solutions to their benefit. Whereas, for instance, law firms typically favor litigation, patent brokers typically favor selling. At the same time, NPEs will advocate for their own interests while litigation funders will highlight the benefits of their services. Operating at the center of the patent market, however, Soryn IP Group prides itself on offering our clients the solution that best meets their strategic needs. A true rarity, we focus on the entire patent lifecycle.

On the front-end, working with a host of leading law firms, we strategically build the patent portfolios and operations of our clients, particularly smaller companies without the funds to maintain in-house patent groups. And through a strategic union with veteran investment bankers, we lead the strategic development of early stage companies with disruptive technologies.

On the back-end, we maximize the patent value of our clients in a host of ways. We foster growth and IP monetization through an array of potential funding arrangements.  We broker patent sales.  We also support and drive licensing efforts.  Put simply, we are nimble and proud of our ability to tailor a variety of client-specific solutions.

Q: How big is your team?
A:  Soryn IP Group leverages the combined, decades-long experience of several esteemed, long-standing professionals in patents, finance, patent monetization, patent licensing and business. Our team, which is led by a former partner at the most prestigious patent law firms and a world leading technologist, also includes ex in-house licensing professionals at the most prestigious technology companies, and businessmen with long standing ties to the intellectual property and technology fields. In addition to our core team, Soryn IP Group maintains a diverse team of engineers in a range of disciplines, as well as contacts with a variety of top law firms. These industry wide connections enable Soryn to service a range of clients, in a variety of disciplines, in projects of every size.

Q: How do you get paid?
A: We offer a variety of services to our clients, with a variety of potential compensation structures. Although no two transactions are the same, the majority of our compensation is typically on the back end, as a % of every successful event.  To put it bluntly, we are only compensated if we succeed. Consulting is the one exception, where our fees are negotiated on an hourly basis.

Q: I’m potentially interested in working with Soryn.  What do I do next?
A: We are looking forward to hearing from you.  Kindly email us at info@sorynipgroup.com and provide your name and patent numbers (having a chance to read over your patents always makes our first meeting much more productive).  We then will promptly be in touch.  If, after our first meeting, we both agree that a partnership with Soryn may be mutually beneficial, we will start our intensive due diligence process, and determine whether, and how, to move forward on your behalf.  Please understand, however, that our business models demand a high level of selection in choosing our partners/clients.